The Jaaaaaaaaaag has OEM mag wheels though and also a license plate, so I will never have to renew my registration, I have no mileage limits, and my property tax is $22 a year in perpetuity.

So much better.


Amazing the engineering in this in the name of handling and low unsprung weight. For a 4000 lb boat of a vehicle this thing’s handling is stupendous.

Cruised with this guy through Wichita. As we passed a gas station a man yelled out “YO NICE JAG”. XJS: 1, C2, 0.

The holes in the floor would explain the road noise at speed. This is pretty common (non structural) rust due to the insane amount of noise-damping material being a sponge and the smallest amount of moisture results in the metal just constantly getting saturated. Still, it’s just a floor pan. Easy fix.

I am, however, confused at this plywood sticking out underneath the seat. The seats also feel like a bare frame with no foam and just some leather draped over them. I’ll investigate that another time.

Antique plates look so nice.

Engine porn

more engine porn

The fan needs to have a clutch, and that air filter has to go but the tee for the dual upper radiator hoses interferes with any “standard sized” air cleaners.

Got the carb tuned and the timing set to stock early-80s Chevy spec. The carb is an Edelbrock 1806 with Edelbrock Performer intake manifold all on an early-80s Chevy truck motor with an ‘RV’ cam (very mild). On the plus side the car no longer smells horrid at low loads.

Highway gearing is utterly horrible

Vanity mirror in the very deep glove compartment

Um, what? This was in the back seat with a bunch of wiring running forward. My theory is this had a Holley EFI setup that was hurridly removed with the Edelbrock unceremoniously slapped in place to sell the car, which is why it’s so ill-tuned.

...this further supports my theory.