So I attended the April meetup for Cars and Coffee of the Upstate on Saturday in Greenville, SC and snapped a few shots (as well as had a couple shots snapped of Herr Quattro by someone else), which I decided to share for Oppo's collective enjoyment. Sorry for the lackluster quality- I had to make do with my tablet's potato-vision, haha.

For anyone curious, I think turnout was somewhere around 650-675 vehicles. Don't worry though- I'm not posting pictures of every single one, haha. I only had so much time, energy, and battery life. I also spent most of my time actually oggling cars and talking with their owners, as well as answering questions about Herr Quattro. So yeah, nowhere close to 650 phots, thankfully.

Seriously though, there's like, 70 photos here. Ye of little bandwidth beware...!

8am, rolling' in Quattro deep. I should've waved to the guy with the camera, haha.