A few weeks ago I featured three, European, retro-inspired ‘hatches’ which were a clear indication of the influence the global automotive retro movement had on Europe. We move back in time today to the United States with three convertibles which epitomized retro styling in the early 2000's. While they’re all heavy, underpowered show boats, which one would you choose to drive in your next local parade? Here are the options:

The first contestant: 2002 Ford Thunderbird Convertible- $28,500

A high price it may command, this fourteen-year-old Ford two door is perhaps the most pristine example of the eleventh gen T-bird that exists on the planet. With a total of 480 miles on the clock, parade-prancing is probably all that this Ford’s been doing, so do you dare open out that 3.9 Jaguar-Ford V8 mated to the 5-speed auto or are you more concerned that it’ll take far more work and time to get it up to speed?

The second contestant: 2004 Chevrolet SSR - $28,500

For the same price as the Ford here you can buy its chief rival, the Chevy SSR! This car has a few more miles, namely 9520 more, but seems just as well kept and its condition is substantiated by a greater quantity of higher quality images. Is this automatic, V8, 300 hp cruiser to your tastes, or does that covered bed lined in teak turn you away?

The third contestant: 2001 Plymouth Prowler - $30,000

Like the SSR, the Prowler did not aim to mimic one car from history in particular, but simply an entire era with its ‘30s-style front prow and separated front wheel pods. The V6 may have been a disappointing minivan motor linked through a tragic four speed, but at least the darned thing was the first RWD Plymouth since 1989. With 6301 miles, is this silver softop a better option than the other two V8s?