...are such flakers. Seriously, what is the percentage of legit buyers vs the number of people who contact you? I just listed my first flip (shout out to Apidaonline) on craigslist Saturday night, and got two hits immediately. Exchanged some emails about the car, both "prospective" buyers "seemed" very interested and wanted to come see the car today. I told them, no problem. Anytime after 5pm. So what happens today? Radio Silence. I mean how hard is it to send a text/email etc that you can't make it? It takes 3 seconds, its called common courtesy.

This isn't the first time I have sold via craigslist. I sold some furniture a few years ago that went well, first guy came bought it (i priced it too cheap). I feel bad for humanity, i really do. Do people just scroll craigslist wasting time inquiring about things they have less than 10% intent of actually buying?

End rant.