I took a ride and found out that the morning was not the success that I thought. The front rack is a problem. It attaches to a metal plate by way of screws that go into threaded holes in the plate.

For some reason, the screw slipped and on both sides will not go any farther than half way, at which point the screw just turns freely without tightening. I figure I just need the right size nut for under the plate and I should be good to go.


The bigger problem is the bottom of the front rack, which bolts similarly to an L shaped metal plate behind and through the vented horn cover.

On the ride the screw popped out of the plate and came loose, apparently stripping the couple of threads on the plate. The problem here is I doubt there is space or a way to hold a nut in place to tighten a bolt. What would you do?

Toby says thanks for the help as he hangs out with a lazy teen.