Speedometer array, new seat, headlight bezel with visor, new brake levers. After the Sunchaser experience, I want to do as much of this one myself as I can.

This old seat is ripped and hard as a rock.
I had to transfer the lock cylinder
The original seat had a snap in tool box
Aftermarket gets you a zip tie to hold the tools.
Stock is Piaggio branded. Makes me want to re-cover it.
My old instrument array. The indicators on the right side do not work.
My bent and scratched brake lever.
I never could figure out how to repair this thing.
Boring headlight bezel.
The other beat up lever.
New seat installed, lock cylinder transplanted.
There was much swearing.
The new seat is comfy and soft on my butt.
New lever! This one was easy.
Visor headlight bezel. What do you think?
Brake lever. The left (rear brake) was a bitch.
It was worth it, but may need some adjustment.
This is a better bezel.
New speedo array!

Oh yeah, we had to put all our cars on the street, because they were powerwashing our house in preparation to paint it. So you get a gratuitous Sunchaser shot.

It was also my son’s prom, so you get a look at the limo we rented.

I hope your Saturday is going well.