I have been a Panther platform enthusiast for years and always though it would be cool to put a box body Crown Vic or Grand Marquis onto 2003+ chassis. That way I would have rack and pinion, shocks mounted outside the frame for better handling and Watts linkage.

So, last fall I picked up this 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis coupe that spend its entire life in California and had a mere 43000 miles. As a result it was as rust free as they get short of having a brand new car. Sadly the person who I bought it from wanted to turn it into his own project car. As a result he ripped the vinyl half top off the car and turned it into a slick top. Whoever did the work did a very poor job and the entire car will need to be repainted. I am not really worried about it as it's completely rust free which is all I needed to begin with anyway.

My initial plan was to do a simple drivetrain swap and parts of the interior from my 96' Grand Marquis but then I got a crazy idea to go all out and put it on the 03+ chassis as I always wanted. So, earlier this week I spotted a couple of Crown Vics sitting behind a local garage. I stopped in and chatted with the owner and sure enough they were for sale. We made a deal for this 2007 Crown Vic LX. It used to be a cab so it looks and smells nasty. The chassis however is fairly clean and will make a solid basis for my project.


This morning I was up bright and early, got myself a tow dolly from U-Haul and hauled this thing back home.

Because towing with a truck is for pussies.

I will be posting updates throughout the summer as this project takes off.