Organizers of the final race of the FIA European Hill Climb Championship in Buzet, Croatia also decided to invite drifters to be forerunners and crowd pleasers. One of those, named Miroslav Zrnčević Mrgud, shared the onboard video (below) from his almost-production Nissan Skyline. Watch the entire video for some sweet by-the-road POV on drifting action.

Remember the sad story about the death (or at least a serious mechanical injury) of a beautiful Renault 5 Maxi Turbo? Now you do. Finally video of the crash got out - it's not top quality and Russian dash cam, but it works and it hurts. It was a mother of a crash - I wouldn't be surprised if driver walked away from it with few bruises as well.

And finally, here's what it looks like when you point your steering wheel straight on straights. Mike Jelinek in a Subaru. Have fun!

photo credits: Mia Žudić