During last night's Super Bowl, Volkswagen debuted their new ad touting the reliability of their vehicles. But it was the sprouting of wings and pooping of rainbows that got everyone's attention. So who got the wings, and who pooped rainbow?

The commercial in question can be seen here.

As the engineers sprouted their wings, Volkswagen made sure not to play favorites. Being 2014, Volkswagen knew portraying only one gender or ethnicity as winged would cause a backlash from viewers concerned with political correctness.

Despite Germany being a predominantly Caucasian country, and the field of engineering being predominantly male, Volkswagen represented engineers sprouting wings with no preference for only one gender or ethnicity.

However, one scene depicts a male engineer sprouting wings and accidentally bumping into a female engineer. Though the bump was not intentional, the resulting illegal physical assault from the female engineer is swift and calculated. Poor guy.

Thankfully, everyone is welcome in the world of Volkswagen. This is 2014, after all. To suggest otherwise would be an absolute PR disaster that would takes decades to recover from, if at all. Happily, men and women alike are seen sprouting wings.

The ad ends with reference to the butts of the engineers. And it involves rainbows. Uh oh.

This could be interpreted as sexually suggestive to some, due to the orifice from which the rainbow emanates. Volkswagen could have depicted an underrepresented group in this unflattering situation. However, like their vehicles, their ad teams proved to be equally as reliable.


This post is a satirical response to today's article covering the lack of political correctness in VW's new ad.