I debated not going to Katie's this morning since the turnout has dwindled due to the cold weather, however I knew Volkswagen HQ had both a Veyron and an XL1 on hand this week. I decided to come on the chance an XL1 did appear, despite my being told that it almost certainly would not come. Much to my delight, VW DID bring the 240 MPG, 1.0L plug-in hybrid concept vehicle. A friend of mine who was able to drive this vehicle just a few days ago likened it to "an old Packard" with the tiny diesel engine rumbling just behind your head.

And for those who are wondering, my 35mm is perfectly fine - a broken UV filter is nothing to fret over. This is why you spend $70 on a filter and lens hood (which is rare I didn't have it on today), so when accidents happen you're not spending $700 on a new front lens element. My 35mm 1.4 is ready to go for my wedding shoot tomorrow.

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