So I knew this Mini needed some hard work and the buyer was fully aware of it; I suggested a PPI from the dealership. Long story short, it BOMBED the PPI and my deal died.

Here’s the breakdown:

Crank sensor O ring and Oil pan gasket leaking - $767


Both Strut Tops domed and struts leaking with end links due to play - $1424

4 wheel alignment needed with suspension work - $199

Lower control arm bushings worn/torn; sway bar bushings done with above - $919


Power steering feed and retuen lines leaking - $463

4 tires cords showing on inner edge (due to alignment being off) $1116

Front brakes pads rotors sensor - $345

L/R marker lens - $104


Rear Convertible trim torn/worn - $754

Center arm rest lid broken - $132


Speaker cover - $150

Parking light bulb - $51

Bank 1 and Bank 2 Oxygen sensor faults stores - $878


Brake fluid flush - $195

Coolant flush - $207


Water leaking into trunk. Needs diag/repair - $145

Total bill w/o tax: $7849.00