So today was the one of the biggest car shows in New England, and if you weren’t there, you should feel like an idiot. Shall we start things off with a LAMBORGHINI VENENO!!!!??!?!!!!

A few people...


It’s honestly difficult to take in all the details.

Almost makes an Aventador SV look pedestrian. But wait, that belongs to the World’s Most Stereotypical Lamborghini Owner!


The DB9 is just too damn classy for its own good. Probably the most invisible car at the whole show.

Somehow this Lagonda escaped the sandstorms of the Middle East!

Have you ever seen a more quilted interior?!?

The Enzo’s cool and all, but it’s a bit...common:

The Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina is much more exclusive!

I just love this red. Looks so sharp!

Trying to camouflage itself as a handicap spot.

Finally, I get to see a 918 Weissach WITHOUT the stupid stickers/wraps/graphics. Just a nice, clean, unmolested hypercar.

The curviest and angliest yellow cars!

Beechwood gear knob? Check! Leather underdash bag? Check! Handy fire extinguisher? Check!

You don’t see a 919 everyday!

Sorry for the goofy close-up. It was roped off (you can see the rope in the bottom right), and this was the best i could do.

And a shot taken under the rope.

A brown Bentayga! I think this brown is a bit wierd, but I actually quite like the Bentayga.

I’m generally apathetic towards the Conti GT, but I absolutely love this blue Speed version.

Literally all the cocaine!

My what big teeth you have Grandma!

Here’s a shot with the rear license plate photoshopped out.

An Iso Grifo!

Ooo, a Speciale!

Ooo, a Speciale!

Ooo, a Speciale!

Slantnose Turbo.

How to be classy: 1) red seats with a goddam decorative throw pillow. 2) Round vanity mirror for a windshield. 3) horn made from a squeezable turkey baster

The i8 looks so sexy in Protonic Blue.

And dose cantilevers!

Oh Hai! I’m a parrot!

Why did this man bring his pet parrot to a car show?