Hey everyone. Long time browser and frequent commenter, but this is my first proper post. The weather here in south FL finally held out this weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to fully detail my MkVII for the first time =)

Started by washing as normal and then brought the car into the garage to cool off a bit. Then used Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection (a paint sealant) for the first time. VERY impressed with this stuff and according to others who have used it, it should last 3-6 months depending on weather and environment. Let that "cure" overnight and then waxed the car with Meguiar's Gold carnauba. The beauty of this regimen is that the wax is on top of the sealant so there's extra protection. Given that I park my car outside all the time, I'm very happy to have these extra layers.

But enough of the talking, you're all here for pics. Finally took my D7000 out for a couple of photos and very pleased with the results. Enjoy!


And for anyone interested in my other photography and creative work, my website/portfolio is www.AdamSheikh.com