For those of you who aren't too familiar with Watkins Glen, its a tiny village in the the Finger Lakes of upstate New York. Besides having a beautiful state park and being on a lake there wasn't anything too special about Watkins, or at least that was the case until Cameron Argetsinger organized the first race in post WWII America along the roads in and around Watkins. Soon enough even Formula One was racing at Watkins Glen, albeit on a purpose built racetrack outside of the village, to many Watkins Glen is still the undisputed home of F1 in the U.S. I myself was born and raised in Watkins, and in my mind a generation too late. My grandfather, uncles and father were all involved in the Grand Prix and as a result, not only got to witness some of the greatest racing ever but also met and conversed with the greats of the sport fairly regularly, Stewart, Andretti, Ickx, Lauda, Hunt and many more. They also witnessed some pretty bad stuff as well, my uncle was one of the first people on the scene of Francois Cevert's fatal crash. Nowadays Watkins is known more for NASCAR than F1 but for those of us who still see it as it was there is an event that happens in the first weekend of September that brings it all back. The Watkins Glen Vintage Grand Prix. On Friday they close off Franklin St (the main road through town and part of the original street course) and all kinds of vintage race/sports cars are proudly displayed. After the display the cars all fire up and drive around the old course, which had been closed down for them. Luckily I have family who live on the track and get to watch these cars fly by much closer than most people, think rally spectator close. On Saturday and Sunday they move the festival to the permanent track (Watkins Glen International) where they hold full on races, even with old F1 cars. Up until I began attending college in Philadelphia, three years ago I had been at every Vintage Festival faithfully since 1993 when it began. Since you made it this far I suppose I'll give you a few, ok a fuckton, of car porn.