So the Wife and I are making our bi-weekly trip to Petco yesterday to stock up on dog and cat food, toys, treats, etc. for our 2 Boston Terriers (Estelle and Lucy, age 7 yrs and 10 yrs respectively) and our black cat (Sally, 7 yrs). As usual we make our rounds, get our stuff, and stop by the small adoption area to see which kittens are there, though we had talked about it, we really didn’t plan on adopting another.

Well, there was a 4 month named Tweetie Pie, who was brought in a few weeks ago as a stray and yesterday was her first day up for adoption. She was in the enclosure with a 5 month old who was a bit of a bully. Our hearts went out to Tweetie Pie. So after about 90 minutes and 4 trips back and forth between the rescue center (PAWS Chicago) across the street and Petco, we brought Tweetie Pie home and promptly renamed her Bowie.

Ladies, Gents, and Gelatinous Space Blobs of Oppo, I present to you, Bowie:


She is an absolute sweetheart and seems very grateful to be in a forever home. We are taking it slow, keeping everyone separated and switching them into the other areas for a little bit so they can all get familiar with the smells. Our dogs have seen her through a glass door and seem interested, but not overly. Sally on the other hand, saw her and immediately started hissing and posturing. This will be a slow process but I am confident we can have a happy home.

tl;dr - We unexpectedly adopted a kitten.