Yesterday I found a great website containing adverts for all sorts of Japanese products. Here is the cream of the crop from vehicle related ads.

Ad for Suzuki Alto Hustle. Suzuki sure does like to use the word hustle, just read the text on the car: "HUSTLE HUSTLING What wrong with my hustling everyday! Ocean? Mountains? No problem! Handsome boy? That's me!"

Umm, why is he looking like he's having stroke? If you look closely you'll also notice that Honda Zook's tires have thread shaped like tiny footprints.

Daihatsu marketed its Midget II with a British gentleman lying in doghouse. That makes sense, right?

In the all about Midget II book you'll also get this very helpful comparison sheet which tells you how small the Midget is compared to giraffe and elephant and that it's faster than human but slower than cheetah.

What's up with those two in awkward looking positions in the background of this Honda Road Fox ad?

Ok Nissan, why is that random guy with wings and a bird mask in your Figaro ad?

Nissan Pao has nice retro interior. Pao's advert also features world map from the 17th century for no apparent reason.

Suzuki Carry and ostriches. Because Japan.

The rather interestingly named Suzuki GAG and a Playboy Bunny.

I wonder what he's yelling. There's only two pages in this five page advert where nobody yells.