This has been bugging me since Saturday night. I don't remember all the details but here's a quick run down:

I was in my house playing Call of Duty (this happens a bit IRL...) when the line between the game and life was blurred. There was no real transition just suddenly I was looking through the scope of a .50 cal out into a town in the Middle East or some desert location from a two story adobe type building. Then someone fired at me and began to run out of the town across the desert. I tracked them and fired back but they were running really fast (like video game fast) but the person was also a high school friend but I actually hate her so I didn't care. So I leave the adobe building and hop in my Wrangler (oh God it's started again), all doors and roof removed, and tear off through the sand dunes like this:

Suddenly, just like the non-existent transition playing the game to being in the game, I'm not driving through the desert but through a forest in the Northeast US. My girlfriend is riding shotgun and buddy of mine is in the back seat with crash pads for our rock climbing excursion. Top is down, doors are off and sun is streaming through the tree branches as we pull up near a short cliff overlooking a valley.

We hop out of the Wrangler and as my feet hit the dirt I'm back in front of the tv, controller in my hand, CoD on the screen. I get up and walk through the house that isn't familiar to me but that's not weird, look out to where I park my car usually and there's a dirt covered Wrangler instead of my ST...and none of this strikes dream me as strange.

Then I woke up.

Told my girlfriend and she was dying laughing that I was trying to kill that friend. Told my buddy and he said, so what you're saying is that you're gonna get a Wrangler and we're climbing outdoors.

I look at it as my subconscious being a strangely awesome story teller.