Hi Opponauts!

I'm new to Oppo! Well, I've been reading Oppo for about 2 months and Jalopnik for 1.5-2 years on and off. During the whole month of August I would wake up and read the posts from the night before and then read the posts for the whole day; so yeah, you can say I'm addicted... But then summer ended so now I'm not as crazy. I truly think Oppo is one of the nicest forum/blog's out there. I saw the post about rights to Oppo and have been saving it for the day I knew I would create an account.

A little bit about me: I'm 190e30's younger brother. I live in CT, love sailing, playing baseball, and live for skiing! I love all pre-2000 Saabs. I recently found a Saab 9000 Aero for my dad through hours of surfing (hence the name A3RO, like aero!). I've always loved the word aero because while its the high performance line for Saab's its also the aerodynamics abbreviation. I somewhat know the drill around here; Bandit's 17 and already has a Trans Am named Emma, $kay loves Ford GT's, Takuro just bought a Trans Am etc. I don't have to much knowledge with trucks or motorcycles but i love old motorcycles and look at them as art! I take all my pictures on my iPhone 4; not even a 4s... So they're not to great! I love to put the phone rite on the ground and take a picture from there. Below i have some pictures of the cars i took pictures of and the bottom view (don't crop me Kinja):


And my first and all time favorite "ground shot":

I do not use any filters or effects.

Bonus picture of the Aero: