update: the engine grenaded this morning after throwing a few timing related codes for the dealer.


To their credit, Hyundai have been following the Oppo ethos so far: they’ve been excellent. I think we’re looking at a long block. I’ll know more tomorrow. G‘night all.


I’m having a problem with my ‘14 Elantra GT. Tonight, pulling away from a left hand stoplight, I was treated to a slight loss of power which seemed to quickly resolve itself. I thought it was odd but since it was brief and transient, I chalked it up to my imagination.

About a mile later as I was coasting downhill into my neighborhood, it started idling extremely roughly and then died pulling into my driveway, with a brief glimmer of a low oil light as it stalled (which I assume was from low oil pressure due to the revs dropping).

It never threw a CEL. Just for fun I checked the oil, noted that it was toward the low end of the stick but not extreme and added half a quart of 5W-20. I waited a few minutes and tried to start the car. It struggled to stay running and then died after a second. I’ll have it towed to the dealer (it’s still under warranty) in the morning.


Any guesses on how borked it is? What relevant info or questions should I have ready?