You know, dabbling on the boundary of extreme builds adrenaline but ignoring terrorism and violence, and trailing your way to the largest, most extreme and prone to terrorism national park in the country gives you a feeling I don't have a word for. But it definitely isn't adrenaline, but passing streams with moderate current and the toughest terrain a 4x4 can encounter, certainly builds up adrenaline beyond expectations.

Would give you guys the full set of pics soon as the guys develop it. But to give you an idea of the awesome, here is this.

Terrain: Stall your 4x4 for 10 minutes and it will sink in the muddy-sand.

National park: Unless you're the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi, you don't dare to step in that park without a local contact and obviously, even after having a local contact, avoid gaining attention.


SUVs: 70 and 60 series Land Cruisers, MUTT and Mini Pajero.

Main attractions of the park: It is a heaven for 4x4ers with mind blowing beautiful landscapes.

Park name: Hingol National Park, Balochistan.