I was lucky, I am in the military and they called it and gave us a snow day, hello 5 day weekend. Anywho, here is some pictures to let you all know everything wasn't all hunky dorey.

That's me getting the good 7 inches of snow off of my project car (Porsche 944, the wife decided to sit inside the house and take pictures of me), the son of a bitch has been on jack stands for quite a while, and I am paranoid as hell about cars being on jack stands, so I wasn't cool with an extra 200 pounds or so of snow on the car, so at 8 am in the morning I took all that crap off. But in all honesty I really don't care because it has been so cold outside lately that any time I get outside spending time with my car, just feels great. I was glad to at least be doing SOMETHING with my car today, even if it's only making sure she isn't freezing to death.

From my very rough and totally unprofessional estimate, I say there was a good 6 inches on the car on the top. It was a pain in the ass taking it all off, I was actually sweating when I was done. I also did my other two cars, because I am ocd like that.