I made it back from Santa Rosa last night. A 4 hour drive going up became 5 hours coming back because of traffic leaving wine country. Once I got away from it, it was smooth sailing and a pretty drive home.

The Vespa dealer was disappointing. The website promised a treasure trove of Vespa gear, but it was small, just a few bikes and some jackets and helmets. They did have some nice bikes, but they were not very friendly. I had better luck at my next stop, a vintage bike/scooter shop/coffee counter, where they were nice, and the setup was cool.

An old geezer told me about a local Mustang with awful exhaust that terrorizes the town, and how he pulled his bike (straight pipes) up next to the kid at a light and ran it up to 6000 rpm next to the open window to teach the kid a lesson.

I hope Thursday treats you well.