Since my summer seemed to like the idea of working instead of doing anything at all, I want to spend my next summer roadtripin'. Some backstory:

L.A.: Every single bit of the american culture represented like a big buffet. And car culture is repped EVERYWHERE. I want to go. It sounds like my kind of city. Here's the thing, I've never been. In fact, the farthest west I've ever been is Alabama. I'd like to go to L.A., but I would also like to see some other places. Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, St. Louis, Houston, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. I need a car. I could (should) take my Honda, but I would LOVE to do it in a cadillac. And also, some contacts to meet in various cities. That would be nice, have a bit of local insiders to show me how to have a good time in the respective cities (and maybe couch crashing, but only if offered). Any advice, thoughts, whatever, post here.