It’s amazing how much free time you have when you’re on parental leave, the newborn baby only feeds then sleeps so I can’t do much, and the a/c fan in the Grand Prix keeps randomly dying; forcing me to get another part to get it working so the newborn won’t feel uncomfortable. Anyways, I saw some new cars, and it was interesting.

This was a Ford...I forget what. Not sure if the ride height is stock, but I love the clearance here.
Saw this, thought it looked poetic somehow.
I’ve been digging trucks lately.
A bmw? Maybe?
No idea, it looked cool though.
A Monza?
This Camry looked perfect.
Someone is old school.
A Rambler!
I think it was a mustang at one time.
A thunderbird I believe.
Another ute bites the dust.
Just realized, this movie got be a Buick Riviera.