It teaches you to tone down the trolling, because no one really wants to read TOTAL crap. It teaches you to have a 20/80 blend of crap to worthwhile words; for your sake and for those that might want to read.

It teaches you to not be so defensive and so dismissive of anything, and to try and counter anything in a more logical manner. If not logical, then humorous. If failing that, to simply turn around and leave.

I'm not saying I'll stop trolling because thats just madness. But I can't lie and say that my comments haven't moved from stupid and more towards reasonable.


I try, because I like it here. It means almost nothing, I'll log off and go back to life and continue on, but while I'm here the least I can do is not be a total ass. I know there are many here that care not, and to you I say I care just as much. To those that do, I say that as someone who has been here for too damn long that whether I like it or not, I have a obligation to not screw around and to set some kind of reasonable example.

But seriously though, don't be dicks. Applies to me. Applies to you. Applies to the owners. Applies to everyone. I can't expect respect back if I can't handle the rules myself. None of us can. Tit for tat. Whats good for the goose. Etc etc.