So I ran across this while browsing through the Autotrader. It's a 1985 Buick Riviera T-Type, with a turbocharged V6. And it looks cool. That is literally all I know about it. I would assume that the engine is a 3800 engine, which I know to be reliable, but I didn't know they did a turbo version, or how that affects reliability. I would be interested in this car as a first car and a daily driver, so any info anyone can offer me would be greatly appreciated! Also, while your at it, NPoCP? How much is this car really worth?

Also, on a side note: I have a list of cars I am looking at, and every time I post a link to one, it gets sold. None of the other ones are selling, just the ones I post questions about. In the order that I post them. STOP BUYING THESE THINGS OUT FROM UNDER ME PEOPLE!