When you think of Ford Mustang big 5.0 V8s and burnouts come to mind. But what about that time called the 70s where the mustang, well, sucked? Remember the II? Even a V8 and some stickers would make it even remotely desirable. The Mustang just became a badge on a terrible car.

But what about cars that have never been bad? For instance, BMW has never made a bad M3. Sure some might say the E36 was the worst, but that was really just down to styling and the fact that BMW wouldn't import the more powerful version to the US. Every M3 since the E30 was a great driving piece of german machinery. Same goes for the 911. I suppose it hit its weakest point during the 996 era where everyone was complaining about the loss of air cooled engine. However, could you call the 996 a bad car?

Also, I apologize for not posting very often.