I don’t know if it’s just in my head, but it seems like my FB and Instagram have been flooded recently by a deluge of tired stereotypes and sweeping “car guy” generalizations. Here are my most cringe-inducing:

-Obsessively cleaning my car

-Cleaning my car



-Volvo wagons

Care Alert.

-Nurburgring times


-Quarter mile times

-0-60 times

-Time in general





-Bitching about how new cars have no soul/don’t look as nice/are heavier

Tell me more, please

-Brand rivalries

(Drives an Altima)

-Talking about cars you’ve never driven

-Models posing with cars

Ah yes, of course; the 1969 Le Mans winning Raptor

-Retro liveries

Don’t cut yourself on that edginess

- “No fucks given” cars

What are yours?