So what have people riding in your car done to piss you off?

Here’s some things that my friends have done to my car to piss me off. The first three are all from one person.

  • I’m picking a friend up. My other friend is in the passenger seat. Friend I’m picking up throws a pair of dress shoes onto the roof of my car, then grabs them and gets in the car. Me and the friend who was already in the car yell at him.
  • I gave a friend a ride home from work, we stop at 7-11. He buys a couple giant hot dogs, I tell him not to eat them in my car or else he will die a painful death. We get in my car and he immediately starts eating them and spilling shit everywhere in the process. My car smells like meat for the rest of the week.
  • Opened the passenger door of my car into a light post. Luckily, it didn’t cause any damage or I would have castrated him with a rusty spoon.
  • We went on a crabbing trip and a few of the crabs died in transport, so we threw them into a plastic bag and went off to find a dumpster. It starts leaking dead crab juice all over the interior of my car and my friend yells that it’s on his clothes. I give him a microfiber out of the door pocket to clean the car and he starts cleaning his clothes with it instead. We both then start laughing for some reason.
  • Dropped an open pen on my white seats. Luckily the pen mark faded over time.