I feel like making this a semi-regular thing. I post a car that is somewhat controversial or not talked about very often, maybe give a couple pros and cons, and see what you guys think of the car.

This time it's this car. The current generation of the Scion Tc.

The Good:

I personally think it looks pretty stunning. Dat window kink, dem black a-pillars, though the headlights have turned into a busy mess and wtf is up with that top part of the grille? It looks like it could be a really promising lightweight rear-wheel drive sports coupe along the lines of the FR-S/BRZ.

You can clunk through the gears on your own.

The wheels are all practically at the corners of the car.

180hp is good for a bit of fun

Cheaper than the FR-S ($19k vs $25k)

The Bad:

It weighs 3000 'murican pounds. That's only 600 (one American adult) less than my full-size Buick sedan, and I can fit more girls in my car.


Front-wheel drive. I'm not saying you can't have fun with a FF layout, but it is a huge turn-off for the potential enthusiast crowd.

Scion. ANY other badge would be great, Toyota. The brodude "youth appeal" badge kills the manhood of gearheads.

So what do you think, Oppo? Front-wheel fun or brodude bummer?