That I can tell you:

1. I no longer like Underground Racing, and you don't either.
2. Everything Lamborghini works, and everything Audi doesn't
3. Matt is far nicer and more awesome than you can anticipate
4. I look like an awkward douche next to people I really like (case in point: I kept stuttering when I introduced myself to Justin Bell)
5. I also met Tanner Foust, Rutledge, Justin Bell, and Chip Foose (briefly). Bell looked almost amazed that I recognized him and remembered his racing career, and looked genuinely pleased with himself when he walked away after I told him I was a fan. Chip was swarmed and just wanted to sign autographs and go home. Top Gear boys seemed cool but had better things to do. Farah stopped to have a conversation with some kids. We talked for like 10 min, then he gives me my ride and tells them to wait up because WTF he'll give them rides too! Then he comes back and chills for another 10. You can ask him any question and you'll get a direct answer with a hilarious story to follow. He's like that really funny kid in high school everyone likes, who just so happens to be a ~celebrity now.
6. People on Tuned and The Smoking Tire who complain need to get beaten up /and/or meet Farah. Either should change their mind.
7. What they do with their budget is amazing.
8. It's not all glory. Matt is a genuinely hard working guy. Day job and all.
9. Even in Corsa mode, it is surprisingly comfortable
10. Half a million dollar cars still squeak and rattle

That's all I can think of for now. I was too much of a kitten to ask for a picture of me with him, so here are some shots of the car we were in (soon to be in a new episode).

AMA in the comments (that won't get him in trouble).