Here is mine, for my own entertainment. Feel free to make your own.

1964 Chevy Impala 'vert.

Maaaaybe hydraulics.


Fiat 850 Special

Any pastel color. A pinstripe on the wheels same color as the car. White walls. Leather interior. Cute. Italian.


?Ferrari 250 SWB

Red. Or white even. Or red.


?late 1980's Suburban.

White or Yellow. Yes, yellow. With black off road wheels. slightly lifted. a bunch of my stickers on the rear side windows. roof rack. barn doors. spotlights. white lettering on the tires.


Renault 4.

Later, uglier model.? GTL. Red. Surfboard on top. slightly lowered. that native american blanket on the rear seat. hula girl on the dash. yes.



(or a JK Wrangler. I haven't decided yet. Oh, actually, make it an ICON Wrangler)

Tan. Beige. Sandy. Yummy.


ICON Derelict wagon.


?This exact Volvo PV445

NA Miata

Red, or even baby blue. Stock.


Late 80's Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

Maybe, but just maybe: matte olive green, lowered, black wide wheels with yellow stripe and lettering on meaty tires. Also hula girl.


I have a few more next on the waiting list. You? Make your own. It's one of the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Still not satisfied.


Oh, and in the driveway (ha! I'm so smart.) this lovely caddy. I'll take it to work and back. Yeah, there are maybe better cars for the job but I just adore how this looks.
And hey, it's something an S.class or a Lexus never will be. It's a Cadillac, dammit. Fugettaboutit!