Well, I still have at least a month before my visa is finalized, and there is always the slight possibility of denial, but I need to start looking at cars, and it seems like my family’s first car in Japan will probably need to be a Kei.

I’m just trying to figure out the best option. I need space for me, the wife, the car seat and grandma who is visiting.

Right now I am driving a rented Mazda:

(hopefully, this photo publishes not sideways).

I’ve been looking and thinking I probably just want to go with something a bit more boxy like a N Box, Wake, Tanto, or possibly a Hustler:

Does anyone have some advice on what model might be better for perhaps some tuning to get a more livable amount of HP out of it?


This little Mazda makes a nice little noise when you mash the pedal, but that is about all it does, and it almost stalled on one section of the hill/mountain here where it became fairly steep.