Given all the flak being thrown around recently, I figured I'd toss a pillow out of a helicopter.

What makes us who we are? We love cars. Fast cars, slow cars, interesting cars. Doesn't matter. I have an '02 Dakota and I love the hell out of it. I have a '61 Corvair that's a project for me. They're both special to me. 87caprice made us all love a red '95 Plymouth Voyager. Typical enthusiast car? No, but he showed us how to love a minivan.


The real joy here is being able to find the joy in most any car. That's why I like some of the older-new Top Gears better than the newer ones. Clarkson's lost the love. May and Hammond can still find the joy in whatever car they're given. And I respect that.

Remember Oliver.

It doesn't matter what you have, what you want, or how you drive. You just gotta show the love. And I don't mean Wert style.

Here are the cars I enjoy:

Post yours. And be proud of them.