What "New" Car is easiest to work on?

I post a picture of an my 06 Focus because that is my car, and it is what prompted this question. This "revamped" version of the original focus has caused me an insane amount of headache over the past year or so, I have what we would call a shitbox "lemon". Anyway its citruis nature is not what makes this car awful. I like working on cars, when stuff breaks i fix it, but this car makes it so damn dificult. Of the many issues It has lets discuss just one as an example. The air intake. To make this a PZEV it has a "lifetime" air filter. After 100k miles of being a fleet vehicle in some very dusty place (you should have seen the pile of sand i poured out of the hvac) that "lifetime" is surely up. So to take a break from replacing every steering component twice, and in between episodes of violent breakdowns, i decided to replace the air filter. No biggie. Or so I thought at least. The airbox on this thing is sealed, you cant buy replacement filters, and a new airbox from ford is 500 bucks. There is a duct from the throttle body to airbox 1, then out of that is another duct to another box hidden between the bbody panels and the bumper. In there is the mass airflow sensor, which i also had to replace, and that bastard is held in with security torx screws. you know the kind with a pin in the middle that need extra special torx heads? So basically i buy a whole new air intake from K&M or some shit or i fork out thye price of a new steering rack to get my air filter changed...

On top of that in every facet of the suspension the bolts are rounded over like fucking rivets. Wanna change the bushings? Too bad! Get out your grinder and buy all new bolts. Replacing one ball joint was a full wekend affair that involved a good bit of grinding and one accidental fire.

So I ask you, what modern car is easy to work on. One that you could replace your own bushings without making sparks, or just replace your own air filter? I'm curious