And by "who you are," I mean a Jalop. This means some having kind of obsession with cars — maybe Forza Horizon is your idea of a social life. Maybe the dealer down the street is tired of washing your drool (or other bodily fluids) off their cars. Maybe Shell considers you a non-trivial contributor to their gross revenue and Tire Rack has a dedicated line set up for just you.

Me — I'm not quite normal. I've wanted a _____ for a very long time and I realized that to afford a louder and more impractical car, as well the insurance and consumables, would require some other things to go. But not the existing loud and impractical car. So now I have two. (No, those aren't my cars in the picture, but I'd like to think they belong to a like-minded individual with deeper pockets.)


I live in a tiny apartment in a city for my job. I put up with this because I begged for my own tandem parking spot. Tandem. Two! Spaces!

My closet is full of spare parts. Clothes go on the couch.

I don't have a standalone internet connection at home. I don't have a cable or satellite service. Hell, I don't have a TV. I sold it to buy a set of coilovers.


My friends make sacrifices too — if they're over 6 feet tall, their hair gets rearranged.

And this is all very deliberate; I want these cars in my life and I'm lucky that I can afford to have them. Still, all this probably pales in comparison to what some of you put up with for the cars you love ...