Lets see if I can make this oppo thingy do stuff....

Next year I'd like to pick up a new daily driver and I am torn between two choices which aren't even in the same class. I was wondering if anyone on oppo could help me with a decision, or tell me that I'm nuts... That works to.

I have a few requirements for a new daily that has helped me narrow down my endless search.

  • I don't want something thats beige (both the color and the excitement level)
  • Has to be able to move out of its own way
  • Really would prefer a manual

Option 1: Ford Focus ST

While I am not normally a small car guy, I have driven the regular focus and fit really well. I also found it to drive nice and thought the interior was good for a car in its class. I think ford did an excellent job with the new focus over what was sold in the US in prior years. I have also read a lot of great reviews for the ST and I generally like how it looks in and out which is why I'm interested.


  • Good gas mileage (23 city / 32 highway EPA)
  • 252hp / 270tq
  • 0-60 in 5.9 1/4 mile in 14.6 is very respectable
  • Very well equipped for such a small car
  • Warranty!


  • FWD - owning two RWD V8 vehicles, this is not a world I've dabbled with to much
  • Compact - It is still a small car, and being that I'm 6ft 5in I was never a small car person.
  • Price - its rather expensive for what is really still a focus. Only time will tell how well it holds its resale value

Option 2: Volvo S60R

Remember when I said not even in the same class? Yeah I kind of have a taste for obscure under the radar performance cars. For those of you who don't know much about the S60R (and the V70R Wagon), its a turbocharged 2.5L inline 5 with a haldex AWD system and fully electronic suspension that lets you pick between 3 ride settings (comfort, sport, and advanced). Jeremy Clarkson also said it felt like driving a big woolly bison. I had the pleasure of driving one of these (a 2004 which is the first and worst year, I'd be looking in the 05-07 range) with the manual trans and I thought it drove excellent. The clutch, which could be called an on/off switch took some getting used to, but between the turbo noise, the fantastic seats, and listening to that signature 5cyl engine rev up as I banged through the gears, I was absolutely loving this car.


It also has a nice interior (I'll be first to admit the center stack is a little bland) with fantastic seats and an absolutely beautiful gauge cluster.

(boost gauge not standard)


  • Very comfortable and well equipped interior (Look at those bison seats!)
  • 300hp / 300tq turbo 2.5 I5
  • 0-60 5.5sec 1/4 mile 14 flat (C&D Aug 2003)
  • AWD - better in crap weather
  • Has a more mature, grown up image than the ST (which adds to the sleeper effect IMO)
  • Full size car


  • 15city / 22 highway - Willing to bet this car would get better MPG than my supercharged 04 marauder, but both are far worse than the ST
  • R's are generally problematic and very expensive to maintain. If the haldex AWD angle gear goes out, prepare to cry
  • Hard to find - I can take a 10min drive to the ford dealer and look at 6 ST's on the lot now, but finding a clean 6M R around me is proving to be tough, even worse when I try to find one in sonic blue

So what say you, people of oppositelock, what should I lean towards as a new daily driver?