With the recent influx of what/ifs and hypotheticals, I thought I'd throw one out there for the OPPO universe. Lets assume you have the necessary flight certifications and had $8 Million to spend, what aircraft would you buy and why? It has to become your private air conveyance, i.e., you fly it, not a hired "chauffeur," you are not John Travolta so 747s are out (you can't get a 747 for $10M anyway). This is a personal plane, not shared, not company-owned, not a rental.

I'll start. (Why I have put so much thought into this... I blame too much snow) I'll take a used Antonov AN-74TK-400. After a full overhaul and refurb, it would become my primary mode of travel for any trip over 100 miles.

With its high wing and engines mounted across the wing it has short take-off and landing, i.e., if you can land a Turbo Viking there, this can too. Cruises at 460kts, 2800 mile range, and can carry 13,000lb payload, 3000ft runway requirement.

It can be outfitted with a luxury appointments seating up to 8 plus pilot and co-pilot. It has internal APU (more on that later). It sleeps 6. The main cabin has couch and 2 chairs. The galley has fridge, microwave, sink, bathroom and breakfast nook for 2. The bedroom cabin has a full bed, make-up vanity, sink, shower, and closet. When you land, it can become your "mobile home" with hot and cold running water, WiFi, Internet TV, and supplies for a week while the internal APU supplies power to everything inside the aircraft the whole time.




But best of all.... IT HAS A GARAGE FOR MY CAR plus possibly a scooter or a golf cart. The rear cargo area has a load bearing door and is just large/deep enough for the Million dollar sports car I buy with the leftover money from the aircraft purchase and mods. The first mod would be to convert the area under the full bed to store my track wheels, hydraulic jacks and tools that also run off the APU. I could store all my spare parts and equipment above the upper rear door. Install halogen lighting on the ramp and side pods for night repairs.


Maybe I've been watching too much TV (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), but I'd hoon that all over the world. Imagine no more long, boring roadtrips to car shows or racing events. I could show up a day early. Land it on the runway we're going to race on. Pull it off to the side of the taxiway and set up my pits at the back of the aircraft. Sure, I'd have to wait till the day after the event to leave(after everyone's gone and they cleared the runway for air ops again) but it'd be worth it. No more TSA and long waits at the airport. No more questionable hotels: soft bed, hard bed, questionable A/C, no heat, etc. No more rental cars for business trips. What say you?