I am trying to compile a list of cars so that I can go through all of them and make a proper decision. I have narrowed it down on my own but I want to get compile a list and go through it more thoroughly. Whenever I make up my mind I always feel it's good to reevaluate your decision then go forward.

So Oppo your budget in the 25k$ range, it cannot be above 30k$, but it can be well below 25k$.

Here is a list of things I need

1. Fuel economy

2. Practicality(space for things and such)

3. Fun

Things I want

1. New Car, open to CPO

2. A good deal of sportiness

3. RWD, (not s huge deal put a plus, can be outweighed by say fuel economy)

That is about it, I am open to any brand and pretty much anything else.


For Sweden, 48 Spoons, Nighthawkwill7,- FRS/BRZ

Automatch, For Sweden- CPO 3-er MT

Bobkust, - V6 Mustang