So, we asked what you wanted to see...and delivered on most of the requests πŸ™„ we had literally five hours on the ground, walked 7 miles, were awake just over 20 hours and caught two flights.

The full, somewhat satirical look at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show is on our main site. Along with all the images of the McLaren 720's, Lambo Huracan Performante etc etc.

First up, Civic TypeR

The all new Volvo XC60, interior is pictures though. #Fail

Some β€˜vette and the Hulk.

Obscure makes:

As for the questions:

How is the soup? - We dined in the Porsche hospitality suite across from Mark Webber. The beef was wonderful, as were the salads. The tea was too fragrant but the cookies divine.


Do they have nice toilets there? - We only emptied ourselves in the airport, i’m afraid we couldn’t possibly pass comment.

We would have loved to have made it round to seeing all the fancies you lot asked for...alas, time was hugely against us this year.