I want to know how diverse oppo's engines are, so show me.

For me, its hard to argue against the 4.0 from Jeep. They are incredibly reliable and create low rpm torque, which is what you want off roading. I had 2, in a XJ and ZJ would never say a bad thing about 4L ever.

But I think the "best" I've owned is 1UZ-FE in the SC400 I had. 4 liter, 4 cam, 32 valve V8 that made 250hp back in 1992. Yea timing belts can be a bitch but still damn reliable, mine had 210k on it and it was still the best part of the entire car. I did the same exhaust mods as the video below, and quite frankly I desperately miss that sound.

Which brings me to where I'm at now, the Merc 3.2 V6. From my understanding a pretty solid engine but nothing to exciting. I just need to go get a damn exhaust dump after the cat on it all ready ... I miss having noise in my life.

But I'm sure someone on here will show my ass up rather well, the most HP I've ever had is 250, so whatcha got Oppo??

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