Traffic on my drive into work today was its normal level of meh. What stood out was a driver in a second gen Prius that was driving in a way that, let's be honest, wasn't very fuel efficient. So my question to the world is, what exactly is the point of a Prius (or any high MPG vehicle for that matter) if you are driving it like an asshat?

No good smug Prius story would be complete without mention of the above video. Linked here. This woman was so offended by the idling of a truck that she made a complete fool of herself. I wonder, though, if she drives her car for maximum fuel efficiency or if she drives it like she wishes she had bought a Camaro.


The driver on this morning's commute was dipping and weaving in and out of traffic, at high rates of speed, cutting people off and the driver had two (2!) brake lights out. That last bit is just something that irritates me and has little to do with how they were driving. It does, though, point to how little they seem to care about their car.

So, what is the point of a high MPG car if you are not going to drive it reasonably conservatively? Having just purchased a 2011 Chevrolet Eco 6MT, I drive it conservatively without using many hypermile tactics. I don't go more than 5 over the limit and I get into the top gear as fast as possible, but I am no slouch off the line. This is important. I still manage, on my 100+ mile commute every day, to get an average of 43 MPG. Tank over tank, calculated. The car is still fun and is saving me a butt load of cash.

If these drivers are only buying these cars for the "green" appearance then I guess they have succeeded in duping their friends into thinking they are eco friendly. Driving the vehicle in this manner, though seems a bit counterproductive. I'm all about having fun while driving a car (otherwise, I wouldn't be here at this wonderful land of Jalopnik) but I see little point to spending that kind of money on a vehicle whose sole purpose is to save fuel if the driver is just going to beat the car senseless.