Hopefully it's funny.

A couple weeks ago, we recently got the tire replaced on my mom's car replaced. A week afterwards, the bolt holding in the caliper (RF) on my mom's caliper on her 2012 Acura MDX flew out (due to improper installation) causing the magnet and the brake to fly off and into the wheel well, locking the wheel up and causing my car to do a front wheel burnout and sudden halt before a busy 8x8 intersection. We were surrounded by complete smoke for 10 seconds.


In the three seconds before the big bang, we heard the *chink* as the bolt flew out and the brake loosened. My best friend was riding shotgun, and he shot me a look. We seem to mouth "Did you hear that?" In unison. We were going about 48 miles an hour in 4 lane traffic.


The steering wheel pulled in every direction, but I held it straight like a scared child, fearful I would sideswipe another car in the darkness.


We waited until the intersection was still, shut the MDX off, and ran to the curb. I dialed Roadside Assistance. The car would not move. The wheel was entirely locked up and the tire eventually blew out, too. Pieces of molten metal cooled in the wheel well. Magnets and pieces of brake pad were lying on the road for 25 feet behind us.

Of course, being Sunday night, we had to have clueless drivers pulling up behind us (yes, we had our Hazards on) and sitting there for 3, 5 minutes at a time, staring with glassy eyes at the four teenagers/20 year olds on the sidewalk waving frantically and yelling with iPhone lights, to please, move on.

We hailed a (Actually very friendly) police officer over and he called the County's contracted wrecker (which would arrive an hour before Roadside Assistance would ever get there) More nighttime zombies rolled up behind the Vic and the MDX and would honk, or just sit there, just not getting it. The cop eventually told the gentlemen driving the Aveo? with Diplomatic plates to "Move on, clearly, sir, their vehicle is disabled." "BUT I VANT TO GUOH STRAIGHT!" "No, sir, please, move on." "But, I vant to go straight!" The cop casually placed his hand upon his holster. The Aveo driver glared at all of us he made a slow drive away from the scene.

"Can you arrest them?" my brother asked. "Nope," chuckled the cop, "But we can make their tickets very, very expensive."

We eventually made the Dealership understand how much worse that could've been for us and how WE COULD HAVE DIED because of their mistake. We got free service up the wazoo. They paid every penny.