Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from Friday through Sunday. Today we've got a rough desert trek, a review of a cheery VW, a man and his Citroën and more.

What makes this picture great in my eyes is the story of this man and those of his village. As big as the mountain behind him, the poverty in which this man's village lives for days is literally like stepping into hundreds of years behind us. This man had left his village a day ago just as the rain stopped to get supplies for his village and at this point, he's completed 70% of his journey, there-and-back the journey on camels takes roughly three days.

With the Skoda needing a minor teething issue sorting out under warranty, I took it into my local dealership and as usual received the excellent standard of care Skoda is so famous for over here in the UK. 'I wonder what car I'll get to borrow while it's being repaired' I thought to myself as I sat in the service area sipping on a fresh cup of coffee from the machine. 'Oh, I do hope it's an Up! I hear those are fantastic.' I was interrupted suddenly by the service manager...

I'm not a rich guy. I spend more time looking at sub-$1000 cars on craigslist than I should, and I consistently undervalue my time when work is concerned. However, I'm a huge believer in the idea that if you skimp on a quality experience in life, the regret of not doing it will cost exponentially more than any initial cost you would've had to pay. Buying something inspirational you'll remember for the rest of your life is way better than saving your money and having a head full of "What If?"

While traffic laws are generally meant to prevent traffic from descending into utter chaos, some of them get more respect than others. Let's try to list the ones that are being broken more often than not. I'll start the list based on my personal experience.

If any of you saw me commenting when I first joined this glorious website just the other day, you'd have noticed that I am a Skoda owner and I currently own the new Octavia vRS. Well, the car I owned before was this little pocket rocket above us, The Skoda Fabia vRS. Essentially, this is a VW Polo GTI underneath it's body and while I personally prefer the Polo's looks, the Fabia vRS isn't bad looking at all. You can also buy this Skoda for several thousand pounds less than the Polo and get free servicing and better customer care.

Simracing has been brought up as a tool to learn driving/racing by some or as a waste of time by other for quite a few years now. I have personnally been simracing for the past 7 to 8 years, so it's pretty obvious that my point of view on the subject is more on the "pro" than on the "against" side of things. My goal will be to explain why and how I feel simracing is rarely given a proper chance by people who have experience in racing and who are/used to be racers or seriously experienced journalists.

What you are looking at is a heavily modified C107 Mercedes 450 SL . The original car is known to be a perfect luxury cruiser, a two door S-class with slightly sportier handling abilities. Well, thanks to Raeder Motorsport and a well funded private customer, the SL became a proper ring tool.

According to a study published on Global Times, a Chinese news site, Chinese car buyers are more likely than Americans to look to blogs and online user reviews when making automotive purchasing decisions.

Technical innovation is what makes Formula 1 so different from any other form of racing. The on track action is as much played out by the engineers and aerodynamicists as it is the drivers. We are here to admire, study, and discuss this beauty that exists on the ragged edge of what we think is possible, or at least what we thought was possible. Also check out the tech goings on from Day 4 in Bahrain.

Due to Infiniti's fair weather relationship with Red Bull Racing, the Nissan luxury subsidiary released a concept for a faster version of their Q50 sedan. If the Eau Rouge Concept makes it to production it would compete with the BMW M5 (Or maybe the M3; I can't seem to wrap my head around their new naming hierarchy). The Eau Rouge may be ostentaciously pointless, even with it's special paint, but could this winged sedan have the power to fly away if released?

About a month and a half ago, I traded my '09 Ford Ranger for an Azzuro '12 Fiat 500 Sport with just under 14k on the clock. I loved my truck, but I had the itch for something new. Here's how I like it so far, along with a few little niggles that annoy me.

This was originally going to be a nostalgia piece. But the more I thought about it, any nostalgia on my part would be secondhand at best. I've never actually driven or owned a second generation Lincoln Town Car, built between 1990 and 1997. The only real connection – the only real interest – is through the rose-tinted lens of popular culture.

Before the 21st century fixation on global warming, climate change, debt crises, zombie invasions and the heat death of the universe, people in general had a much more optimistic vision of the future. Car designers, specifically, had the best vision.

A few of my current friends knew about me consulting in college and also knew my general reputation as a car guy. Earlier this week, one of those friends contacted me asking if she could hire me as a consultant to help her and her boyfriend buy a car for her with her tax return money. He drove a 2012 Honda Fit that he'd received as a graduation gift before they'd met, but sharing a car was difficult when they worked in different locations, as was her bumming rides from co-workers. I said sure and we scheduled a time to get together for a consultation interview.

Since buying Brawn GP in 2010, Mercedes hired Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg, and stuck as a midpack team. However, last year things changed as Lewis Hamilton took the helm of the Mercedes and the results improved. The team has four wins since returning as a constructor, with three being collected in 2013. Their highest finish in the Constructor's Championship is 2nd, also in 2013.

The Best of the Rest

GarageDispatches took photos of an F40. Jbh shared a gallery of cars in and around NYC. Twinturbobmw took photos at C&C in Portland. Jonny Edge shared some photos of F1 cars at Goodwood. Luc.A. shared some of his automotive finds from the Philippines. Jbh found a very sorry looking S-Class. Jus1029 travelled through Hong Kong. Daender attended Cars & Coffee. Tentacle, Dutchman will continue driving French. MoparKetchup shared his last photos from Puerto Rico. Battery Tender Unnecessary took his e30 out for its spring debut. Chandonpierre1 bought a Miata. DOMdotCOM's friend really likes Volvos. JayhawkJake took his Sonic to Sonic while listening to Sonic. WRC541 went to the Bend Low Festival 2014. Jarod Rose visited a Tesla store. Inline Six had his first track experience. Carl Levine went for a walk around San Francisco. Dsscats took his Z to its first meet. Velocity unbolted the exhaust on a 9-4x. Coty ruined a VW Fastback [his words].

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