I think this was a perfect example.

I made a comment on the article about Volvo having a Turbo/Supercharger engine coming out - Volve SC/TC Engine

That comment basically said, wow I didn't even know you could put both of those on the same engine. I've honestly never heard of it. I think from talking on here you guys know I have a pretty good working knowledge of mechanics and engines, I've just never heard of this before. That's not to say I'm a full blown mechanic, but I like to do some maintenance in the driveway and work on the Montego myself. Here's a screen grab of the comment I got back from some jerk today. I screen grabbed it so I had a copy and then dismissed it. Wasn't worth the response. Thought I would share with you guys. Also a second screen grab that shows a good response I got from one guy.


Not Jerk:

Insulting on the first one, informative on the second one. Ahh FP lurkers....