Do automakers lost their balls, their passion, sniffed not enough petrol or got high on tire rubber anymore? I believe so.

I mean, come on, was the AMG GT R suprising? Was the convertible GT surprising? Maybe the Mustang 350r Shelby. But it still reeks of marketing and numbers.


Porsche? Na, the 911R is living of the LE hype. Land Rover/Range Rover is same styling up and down the scale, as well as Jaguar. Same with McLaren? Buick Avenir? Will never see the light of real day. Lamborghini? Yawn. Everything quite predictable. Oh, on’t tell me about shed racers. They have to step up the game because they live of the madness.

What do I want then? More Alfaness in the world, more Kei-car cuteness out of Japan, more Peugeotermination all around. What’s Peugeotermination? Lets May and Clarkson explain (jump to minute 45).

edit: some example. Renault Clio V6, VW GTI, VW Phaeton, Alfa 4c or Hellcats as mentioned by Chan, first Renault Espace, first gen. retro 500 and Mini, Fiat Panda, first gen. Miata, Bugatti Veyron, to some degree Porsche 918, Ferrari FF, Citroen DS, first gen. new Bentley Continetal. First gen. Cadillac CTS-R wagon.