Which Used Cars Hold Their Value Best?

Now that I've sold the BMW, I'm on the hunt for next project to flip. There's a multitude of cars I'd love to buy: neat 90s imports to obscure 80s sports cars, but I'm a responsible spender. Everyone knows buying a Fiat X1/9 is one step above giving your money away.

So, I'm asking you oppo, what used cars are the best value holders? Personally, I nominate two: The Jeep Wrangler and the Mini Cooper S

Which Used Cars Hold Their Value Best?


There's no real rhyme or reason behind it, but the used resale values on these cars are great. They've retained more than half of their MSRP over a span of ten years.

I'm open to any and all cars that hold value, but I obviously prefer the fun and interesting ones.



(EDIT: Let's make this available for normal people to buy. I'm 20, I can't buy a 993 or a Ford GT. <$15,000-$20,000)