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Mazda will supposedly unveil the next Miata at the New York Auto show on April 16. Sergio Marchionne has claimed that all Alfa Romeos must be made in Italy, which means a new Spider would be designed and built in Italy, likely giving the MX-5 under-pinings to Fiat for them to build a Fiat or Abarth-branded roadster. Which would you buy?

Mazda MX-5

It's been going around for awhile, but yeah, the Miata does seem to be the answer to everything. The 2015 model year will be the 25th anniversary of the Japanese roadster and through 3 generations I'd say Mazda has done fairly well. Front engine, rear wheel drive, a dedication to lightness and handling. An homage to British roadsters but with Mazda reliability. This will almost undoubtedly be the least expensive of the three. We all love the Miata, but...

Fiat/Abarth MX-5

Does the MX-5 have the passion of an Italian car? Japan is best known for beige. Most reviews of a car like the Nissan GT-R I've seen have called it, basically, technically perfect but soulless. Will a fourth gen Miata fall into that category? What if you could have the reliability and precision of the MX-5, but in a body from the country that has turned out the most sexiest designs ever? Is this the perfect compromise?

Alfa Romeo Spider

Clearly for the purist. And hey, Alfas are more reliable today then when they left the US market, right? Have you seen the 4C? How about one for half the price (and no freaky headlights, hopefully)? No Japanese engine will ever have the feel or the exhaust of a designed and built in-house Italian roadster. It will be idiosyncratic and purely Alfa Romeo. Of the three, this will likely be the most expensive, but it will also be the cheapest Italian-built car in America. If you could buy a Spider for Toyota Avalon money, wouldn't you have to do it?

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