Both of the cars are listed for roughly the same amount of money, have done the same amount of kilometres and were both produced in 2005. Which is the best buy?

The first candidate is a base US-spec Porsche Cayenne V6. It has 250 hp and will do 0-100 km/h in just under 10 seconds with an automatic gearbox. It looks like it is in good condition, but who knows what problems might lurk underneath the polished exterior. It is all yours for $25500.

The second choice is slightly different. It’s a long version Toyota HiAce with 8 seats, 4WD and a 2.5 diesel producing 102 hp. You’ll need over 20 seconds before reaching 100 km/h. Reliability will never be an issue though, as the HiAce can best be described as a HiLux in van form. All yours for $23500.