I got a set of wheels a few weeks ago! The wheels are 16x7 et45 from a 98 Passat. They weigh 18lbs each. Tires are Hankook Ventus R-S3 in 205/55ZR16.

Night i bought them... all 4 tires were blown. Guess thats what $80 will get ya!
Test fitting...
Loaded up to go and get the tires dismounted...
Model number
Prepping for paint!
I sanded the wheels down with abrasive pads and 400 grit sand paper
First rim done!
Looks pretty good!
Trying to get an idea as to how they would look
To the tire shop! (1 week after the last picture)
First wheel is on!
Passenger front wheel
Driver side front and rear wheels (with bonus tractor action!)
Passenger side wheels are on!
Thats my kind of fitment! 1/4 inch between barrel and caliper!
So clean! OEM 2011 centercaps and lug covers on a 98 wheel! Who would have thought?
Glamour shot!